Root Causes 501 is an organization founded to mutually raise money for charitable organizations and provide an enjoyable experience for benefactors. When Root Causes 501 partners with your organization, we organize a “wine event” that includes three varietals. Events are led by Lino Onagan, Sommelier. Lino is a wine expert and provides interesting and relevant information particular to the varietal. There is also an opportunity for attendees to participate in Q&A as well as an open dialogue during the tasting event.


Brian Barrett recognized the needs that friends, families and communities have for assistance and was struck by a desire to do something that could benefit others while also providing enjoyment for benefactors. Brian earned his BA and MBA from the University of Notre Dame and has worked in corporate finance leadership roles for over 25 years.


Lino Onagan was trained as an architect and is LEED AP ID+C. However, Lino’s passion for wine led him to complete his training as a wine steward and he attained Sommelier in 2017. Lino earned his BS and B-ARCH from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has worked as a leader in corporate real estate advisory roles for over 25 years.

Root Causes 501 is a non profit serving local communities

We support causes that are important to you by organizing wine events that are both enjoyable and effective at fundraising.  Choose your cause and then call us!


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Beer is made by men, Wine by God

Martin Luther (1483-1546)

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