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Root Causes 501 is a non profit serving local communities

We support causes that are important to you by organizing wine events that are both enjoyable and effective at fundraising.  Choose your cause and then call us!


Making a Difference

"I learned a lot about wine, I had no idea"  Joey F

"I participated in a Root Causes 501 charitable event recently.  What fun and how joyful to meet new people and learn so much about wine from Lino. So different and so fresh - certainly looking forward to moving onto the Whites!"​  Mark W

"I typically support many causes throughout the year.  I was pleased to  support Root Causes 501 because they also care about their contributors.  For nearly 20 years I have been into wine and consider myself knowledgeable; so I knew what Lino was talking about, but I also learned something new and learned more about Italian White wines"​  James F

"I am just getting into wine, but when I attended the occasion by Root Causes 501 to support a cause that I believe in, I was pleasantly surprised about learning about wine without feeling intimidated.  The host, Lino was very informative without being too pretentious.  Now that I know how the wine events are conducted it that manner I will definitely attend the next one!"​  Mary-Kay G

Wine Events that support your cause!

Events raised over $10,000 per event in 2018

"Outstanding experience!"  Mackenzie M 

"They put the "fun" in fundraising"  Shannon O

"Lino is very knowledgable"  Khyle Q

"Thank you Root Causes!  Our event was a huge success"  Tami M

"I have attended two events hosted by Sommelier Lino Onagan.  I learned so much at his presentation.  The featured wines were delicious and it was so interesting to learn about the regions the grapes were from.  I highly recommend attending one of Lino’s events."   Ann D

"I attended a fundraiser to help support a great cause, presented by Root Causes 501.  I had a fabulous time, definitely not your typical wine event.  But a wine event that was so engaging that I didn’t want it to end and thus I look forward to the next  event so that I can learn more about wine.”  Stacy J

"I thought I knew a lot about wine, but when I attended the fundraiser by Root Causes 501 to support a cause that I believe in, I was blown away with regards to learning things I didn’t know about wine.  If I would have known that the wine event was conducted the way it was I would of invited many of my friends.  I cannot wait for the next wine event!"​  Ken S

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Beer is made by men, Wine by God

Martin Luther (1483-1546)

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